Monday, 13 June 2011

i heart you

So today was my first day back to school after AS exams so I felt lazy and just stuck on this. This is my favourite sweater EVER from Topshop. It's definitely my go-to item when I feel I just can't be bothered to put together something fantastic though I think it looks great in its own simple way.

So much stress at the moment from school house events - I have to arrange (with my lovely friend) so many events in 3 weeks! D:

Hopefully this will be a fun term... anyway here are the photos of my outfit today! I also LOVE my new Urban Outfitters (or from hundreds of other shops) cross double-ring! It's BEAUTIFUL :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mario, Luigi and other personas :)

 I went to my friend's 17th birthday party on Friday and dressed up with some friends as Mario and Luigi! So fun ;D

"Planking" on the pool table :)
 Stick-on moustaches are an absolute nightmare. Absolutely uncomfortable and when you take them off, they leave your upper lip all sticky and disgusting. Ewww :(
Squishing myself against a window.
I'm easily amused and excitable.

I had lots of fun :)

Saturday, 4 June 2011


A day trip to Oxford to look at the uni and the town :)

 (cute flower shop)
 (Delicious chocolate cupcake)

 Daisies <3


A trip to London to sightsee with my cousin from Hong Kong :)

 (yumyum cheesecake!)

(awesome "like" and "dislike" stamps from urban outfitters)
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