Saturday, 29 October 2011

Duke of Edinburgh Gold - Residential

So this week, I've had the absolute pleasure of spending a week at Sayers Croft (Ewhurst, Surrey) with my friend Hester and 23 other interesting and fantastic (previously) strangers!

We did a combination of conservation and outdoor activities everyday with a mixture of high ropes, night hikes, climbing and zip wiring as well as building a campire circle, putting up fences by sawing down hazel trees and restoring heathland which was, surprisingly, extremely rewarding. Paired with dvds, frothy hot chocolates, laughter, fueled debates at 2am over climate change and spontaneous 3am raves, this has definitely been a week that I'll never forget.

 Me and my saw in the heathland :)
 Thursday night campire...
 Getting ready for a violent saw-fight in the heathland with Hester :)

 Our mini-pizzas - mine looks deprived due to the lack of cheese.
Us and the shovels at the end of a long, wet 3 hours of conservation :)

I'm missing it already...:(

Also, to top off a brilliant week, I received my first offer from my insurance university only like 3 days after I applied so WOOOO! - I guess I shall be heading off to uni next year if I get the grades!...

Yinyin xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ann He - I'm a little in love.

 Ann He
"16 year old camera lover/aspiring fashion photographer. Based in Dallas, Texas, photography is her way to capture the ordinary and extraordinary."

I am in LOVE with her photographs - they are so beautiful and every single photograph of hers has a dream-like ethereal atmosphere to it. Perfect.
 I think you'll understand once you've seen some :)

Yinyin xxx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Babies :)

My Jeffery Campbell black leather Litas came on Thursday! I was so excited when I heard they had been delivered! 2 long weeks and £30 worth of import taxes for these BEAUTIFUL absolutely-worth-ever-penny shoes :)

I ordered them off NastyGal and it was all very smooth - I would definitely recommend getting tracking for the shipping because it's so much better knowing where your shoes are exactly!

Size wise, I think they're either perfect or at most 1/2 a size more than your normal size. I ordered an American Size 7 which is UK Size 4 and I am usually a Size 4 for heels/boots and 5 for all other shoes. The Size 7 was a perfect fit for me :)

Anyway, I'M HAPPY :)

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