Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Made in Chelsea Reunion Show

 Hello everyone!

I am a MASSIVE fan of "Made in Chelsea" - a reality TV show (though I'm pretty sure it's scripted) about the funny, glamourous and idyllic lives of a successful group of friends (all aged around 20) living in high class Chelsea and Kensington in London.

Last night, I went to the end of Season 2 Reunion Show which will be aired on 28th November at 10pm on E4 and it was so much fun! With Rick Edwards presenting a hilarious show full of funny sketches, chats and jokes as well as being able to see these people in real life was awesome.

Anyway we sneaked onto the floor section nearest the stage and ended up getting a very good view of the show and quite a few photos with the cast! :D   (With my shitty iPhone 3GS though...)

Me and FRANCIS BOULLE! - Favourite character on the show!
He comes out with some of the best one liners...
"I'm so edgy, I've got so many edges"
(on a skateboarding date) "You've got to use protection for your first time!"
And not to mention a successful entrepreuner!
Oh and extremely attractive.

What's not to love.
 Millie going in looking absolutely beautiful! :)

 Spencer Matthews♥
 Phoebe and Albertine with Francis Boulle!

 Phoebe and I with Ollie Proudlock - he was so friendly! :)

 Mark Francis DARLING and I.
He actually makes me laugh so much.

 Photo with the girls and Spencer outside the venue!

 Jamie Laing with us during the filming! He was definitely the most approachable and funny cast member of the night! :)


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  1. Am jealous you met them! i saw this programme!


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