Friday, 27 January 2012

Online Fashion Stores

Hi everyone,

Although I love shopping on the high street (and one day when I'm rich in Harrods and Selfridges which I shall keep dreaming about...) there are a lot of fantastic stores online and I'd love to share them with you today!

Four Tea Clothing

This Australian-based company sells the most FANTASTIC denim shorts and I absolutely love them! I keep meaning to buy them but it's usually rare they have something in my size - they stock more AUS Size 10s which is equivalent to a UK Size 10/12.  The prices are also pretty reasonable for such unique pieces so I will definitely purchase in the near future if I see a pair of shorts in my size, tie dyed and STUDDED! (I'm obsesed with this type of short...)

Black Milk Clothing sell the most amazing graphic print legging and dresses in beautiful prints like cosmic galaxy, blue sky, world map, skeleton and comic book prints!

Though high priced, I think the pieces are absolutely beautiful and would definitely be eye catching!

Little Lady Bowtique is a beautfiul store full of bows and pretty accessories handmade by its owner. About 6 months ago, I received a tumblr message about her store and after seeing it - I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and thought I'd definitely keep her in my favourites if I ever felt tempted to get some things (i.e. when I'm not skint!) 

The accessories are sold at relatively low prices and come in a variety of patterns and colours which make them lovely gifts as well!

Kigu sells the cutest animal onesies - perfect for lazing about in, wearing to dress up parties or sleeping in - though admittedly they are a bit too expensive just to be wasted as pajamas! They look so comfy! :')

Hope you've enjoyed reading about these online stores which I like (aside from the standard ones like ASOS)!

Yinyin xxx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

TOPSHOP S/S'12 - My Favourites


Recently Topshop released it's new Spring/Summer 2012 trends including Surf Luxe, 90s Grunge, Spring Equinox and South Pacific which is very very exciting!

Working for the store, it's fantastic to see all the new clothes and trends come into our store as well as a lot of time while working to FALL IN LOVE with all the stuff and though at the first I did not take to the clothing - I am utterly in love with so many of the pieces now!

Topshop Galaxy Print Leggings

I absolutely love these leggings and for only £20.00, will definitely purchase them as soon as payday comes along! The design is very Christopher Kane/Black Milk Clothing which definitely drew them to me as these ones are a small fraction of the price!

Perfect paired with a black sheer blouse and heeled Topshop AMBUSH boots.

Topshop Long Sleeve Drape Front Blouse
This blouse is absolutely gorgeous in colour and material - the sheer blue fabric would look beautiful over a black bralet matched with black/dark patterned leggings and black suede wedges. The £36.00 price tag is quite steep but with a student discount and the piece being so versatile - it would definitely be a worthwhile addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Topshop VECTRA3 Studded Slippers

 Though these shoes have been around since late Winter, I still think they're fabulous and would go perfectly with the S/S'12 trends in Topshop - especially 90s Grunge. They'd also give a unique edge to more soft, pastel coloured outfits from Surf Luxe and Spring Equinox trends.

Perfect paired with burgundy Leigh jeans and a loose knit jumper.

Topshop MOTO Leigh Jeans

For S/S'12, Topshop have released the Leigh jeans in a "candy shop" array of colours and I'm absolutely fascinated by it! I really want to own every single coloured pair - especially these purple ones as well as the raspberry pink and green pairs. These jeans are incredibly comfortable as they feel like leggings and are super-soft skinnies - which is perfect as I can never find skinny jeans which fit my legs! I currently already have a medium blue pair and a burgundy pair (constant best sellers in my store) so I guess it would be a bit unnecessary to get another but can I resist? We'll find out...

Perfect paired with black lace up boots, a studded collar black shirt with a jumper.

Topshop Dropped Back Sleeveless Shirt
Having tried the black version of this on earlier today, I absolutely adore this top! It's got this very elegant feel to it as well as the sheer and revealing fabric which also makes it great for a night out. This pink one has really caught my eye on the website as it's a perfect candy shop colour for the summer and would be more interesting than a standard black version. It's very expensive for £30.00 so I might get this one on uniform next month!

Perfect paired with black velvet leggings and Jeffrey Campbell boots in Cosmic.

Topshop Knitted Textured Grunge Jumper

 Ever since I saw this jumper on the rail in our store, I have been in love. The mint colour is really pretty and it just looks like the most comfortable jumper you could ever wear! I haven't had the chance to try it on yet but I definitely will give it a go in the near future because it's just lovely! 

Perfect paired with bright blue jeans and black heels.

Topshop STARE2 Platform Pointed Courts
These fuschia swede platform courts are absolutely beautiful and eye catching! They would look gorgeous on a night out BUT the thin heel would probably put your feet in agony after walking a mile in them on a shopping trip so I guess as an everyday shoe, they would be a no-go!

Perfect paired with your LBD.

So those were a few of my favourites from Topshop's newest collection so I hope you'll pop in and see what you like as well!


Saturday, 21 January 2012

My TOP 5 iPad Multiplayer Games


So I recently got an iPad after Christmas and I have been CRAVING multiplayer games! These are my top 5 multiplayer games which I have really enjoyed on the iPad ;)

King of Opera

This game is absolutely hilarious.
Fat Opera Singers BUMPING each other off to STEAL to spotlight for points. 
You can have up 4 players or have robots replace the other players (be warned robots are good) and it's generally a great laugh.

For a tiny price of £0.69 on the App Store, this is absolutely worth every penny for the hours of entertainment and laughter it'll provide for your friends on lazy nights in and long car journeys.

MONOPOLY Here&Now : World Edition

With a pass&play and tabletop mode, this game just a perfect spin on the classic Monopoly game without the hassle of all the cards, the chunky box and the organisation - the system will control it so you don't have to look up rules - just make up your decision on what they offer you!

As a big fan of monopoly, I love this game but sometimes knowing that the computer has inevitably already picked a winner and a loser is quite worrying...however for £0.69 it is an absolute bargain and worth it!

 Fruit Ninja

With 3 multiplayer modes: Classic Attack, Zen Duel and Online - there's always someone and something to play wherever you are!

With adjustable times for zen mode, adjustable speed for classic mode and a tense game in the online mode - this is definitely a great game with beautiful graphics for a low price of £1.99.


Achtung is a simple game for up to 4 players in which you have to steer your neon coloured line around in order to trap your opponents and win points. Though it seems very concise, the game is definitely really fun to play with a group of friends and because steering takes time to become good at - it's definitely fun while everyone's trying to get to grips with it.

For £1.49 though, I think it is a little overpriced as the game is just so simple but to some extent it is worth the money and is definitely a lot of fun once you're into it! 

Mirror's Edge 

Mirror's edge is like a more sophisticated, more complex and better animated version of "Temple Run" - another fantastic game on iPhone/iPad. You control the character through a variety of swipes and tilts while she freeruns across the city to get away from a group who are trying to catch her. 

With the introduction of a multiplayer mode in the £2.99 iPad version, I was extremely excited to have a go. Though it was fun, there was no tutorial mode included in the multiplayer bit so it left my friends a bit bewildered as to how to play the game which was a bit rubbish as there was no tension in the game and they soon gave up. 

Hope this has helped anyone out there to decide whether or not to invest in these games :)


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Carmine Box Review


So recently, I decided to do a one off purchase of a Carmine Box - usually a subscription based service.

For £10 + p&p I received 5 luxury/full sized beauty samples and I've decided to post some photos and review the products here on my blog.

In terms of postage, packaging and timing - it was perfect. Very speedy, well packaged and it looked absolutely beautiful when it arrived! Very exciting stuff :)

The five products I received for the December box were:

JAPONESQUE Smudger Brush

I was really looking forward to receiving this however when I got it, it was really short! It was the size of a travel brush even though on the packaging it did not mention it being travel-sized at all.

The overall quality of this brush is fantastic though it hasn't become one of my absolute favourites - it'll just be a useful brush to take travelling I guess but nothing that special.

WELEDA Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash

This was the first thing that caught my eye in the box - I love the red bottle with gold wording! The smell of the shower gel is nice but at times I felt it smelt of artificial chemicals but it could possibly be due to me not being used to the smell of pomegranate. I don't usually like to stick my face into pomegranates to smell them...

Either way it's a lovely addition to my shower whenever I feel like smelling of pomegranate. :)

KMS California : FREE SHAPE Quick Blow Dry

My absolutely FAVOURITE beauty product in the box - this spray is AMAZING! Literally halved my blowdrying time and I TIMED IT! It only took me 5-7 minutes to dry my hair compared to the normal 10 minutes...EXCITING :)  That means I get up to 5 minutes more sleep in the morning - SCORE!

The full sized 200ml bottle costs £9.95 which I think is definitely a good deal - think of all the 5 minutes I could save!

TIME Technology Cream

Admittedly I haven't tried this one out as I've given it to my mum so I can't say much on it except it was a medium sixed sample about the size of the palm of my hand which was quite generous and the packaging is lovely. How good it is or how it smells? I can't tell you but hey...maybe you should try it? ;)

myface Blingtone Eyeshadow in Crystalline Green

At first, I didn't really take to the eyeshadow due to its light pigmentation when trying it out on my hand but after I applied it heavily to my eyelids, it looked absolutely beautiful - especially incorporated with some black in the corners and creaseline to create a smoky, sparkly look.

However be warned, there is A LOT of all out from all the silver glitter flecks so if you don't like looking glittery from your NOT buy this. Aside from that it's a lovely eyeshadow, full of glitter and looks fabulous on! For £6.66, it's quite a steep price for a low pigmentation eyeshadow but there are a huge selection of colours so the effects may be different with another colour. Overall a beautiful eyeshadow but I'd really love for it to be more pigmented and bright.

So my opinion on the Carmine Box? I really like it, though not all the products became my ultimate must-haves immediately, I'm definitely intrigued in possibly trying the January one. I really like how the products seem varied but still more aimed in make up as opposed to skincare because I don't really feel like I want to try new skincare products - I'm pretty content with my Body Shop seaweed collection at the moment.

I'd say give it a go - see how you feel. It's only around £12 altogether so it's a bit of fun and you get more than what you pay for in my opinon!

Hope you have a wonderful week,
Yinyin xxx
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