Saturday, 29 June 2013

Summer Garden Photography

Hi everyone,

So last year I blogged a 'Spring Garden' photography collection of flowers and greens in my garden so this year I've gone out and done it again (but in the summer)! Hope you enjoy flicking through my photos!

Nettle Bush Pattern

My parents' treasured Monkey Puzzle Tree

Really like the 3-D illusion these leaves give!

Ahh BEE D:

Sinister poppy which has grown in our garden!

Thanks for stopping by!
Let me know which one of my photos is your favourite?

Yinyin xxx

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

June Haul

Hey virtual peoples!

So I've been naughty and recently done a little bit of shopping - can't resist the summer sales!

From Topshop, I got this white cropped top with sequins - can't wait to pair this with an elegant skirt! The sequins and lace make it feminine and quite good for going out/formal events without being too over the top!

£10 down from £25

I also got this real suede small bag perfect for going out with. Saw a friend on instagram on this and instantly wanted it! Also the metal details are rose gold - win!

£15 down from £30

Lastly from Topshop, I got this lovely floral dungaree playsuit number which I can't wait to wear with a shirt underneath! I could see this looking great with clashing patterns like monochrome stripes too! The straps are a bit long (even on the shortest setting) so I need to get them cut shorter before I can wear it properly though.

£25 down from £40

I also popped into H&M and found a few bargain pieces!

This burgundy blazer was an absolute bargain find. It's a little shapeless in the back and looks more oversized and boyfriend-fit but it adds a great pop of colour over any outfit!


I also spotted this lovely patterned skirt with a layered front. I think it has a very classy and smart feel to it and would look great in the sunshine or even in the future for work experience/internships!


I also bought this purse from dtwell6 on eBay for going out. It can fit my iPhone in and has zip and card slots to store cash and cards - a huge problem I have when I use my Topshop phone clutch. There's also a handy hole for your earphones in the phone pocket and comes with a short strap to secure the bag around your wrist when you dance!

£3.19 (P&P free)

Last but not least I saw on several blogs that Fragrance Direct had great deals on nail polishes so I chose some! They were only £1.99 each and I got the colours below.  Essie Delicacy is definitely my favourite (although it is very sheer) becuase it has a beautiful pink glitter undertone with its white glitter colour - gorgeous!

From Boots I also got a Tangle Teezer (which is great!) and a Models Own ArtStix which I'm going to try - absolutely love the colours of the glitter flecks! I've posted a Tangle Teezer dupe in my eBay picks post if you want to purchase one!

Let me know if you want me to post a review of any of these products! 

Hopefully I'll post some looks with my new items of clothing soon!

Thanks for flicking through!

Yinyin xxx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ebay Picks // June


I've seen quite a lot of these eBay posts at the moment and I think they're great! eBay is like a multi-levelled labyrinth full of trinkets so I thought I'd share some of my favourite things that I've found on there at the moment.

I haven't purchased off any of these sellers so unfortunately I can't vouch for their service but I love the look of these products! I'm going to Asia in 2 months so I'm not going to spend money on purchasing things I can buy there!


again_shop (£12.88)

I absolutely love these shorts and at £12.88 with free shipping, they're very well priced! Florals are timeless for summer so they'd look great with a sheer blouse or statement tee! 

These shorts also come in a variety of different prints and colours too.

again_shop ($14.57 ~ £9.47)
This top is so feminine and elegant - would go perfectly with casual jeans or a patterned midi skirt and wedges!


again_shop ($9.99 ~ £6.49)

I really like the colours this top come in and similar to the one above, its a very feminine piece with light details perfect for pairing with strong patterned trousers/skirts!

again_shop ($12.59 ~ £8.18)

Really love the simplicity of this blouse but the back detail makes it slightly more revealing and interesting. Perfect on a night out or casual paired with practically anything!

again_shop ($14.70 ~ £9.55)

Really love this suspender skirt/pinafore-style skirt! With this style so fashionable this season, this is a bargain compared to the £40 denim pinafores Topshop & ASOS are selling. The colours are perfect for summer too!

cd9911 (£4.99)

Transparent clutches (although not the great for safety) are becoming very popular at the moment with celebrities and the fashion blogger world!

This clutch comes in at just under £5 which is a great deal as well as coming in a variety of colours to make your summer outfits pop! 

Willabelle Ong's latest personalised transparent clutch (link)


cityofhair ($4.54 ~ £2.95 + £2.20 P&P)

Now I can't vouch for this product in real but I think (on image) it's a pretty fantastic dupe of the Tangle Teezer and MUCH CHEAPER too. It costs ~£5.15 with delivery (dependent on exchange rates) - less than HALF the price of the Tangle Teezer in boots.

I've posted an image of the brush bristles of my Tangle Teezer below - they look so similar! 

If anyone gives this a try - let me know if I've been ripped off! ;D

My Tangle Teezer from Boots (£10.99)


style-angle ($106.99 ~ £69.52)
Bit of a splurge of an item but I think this real leather tote bag looks gorgeous! Looks great for work/school/university and the simple colour range with the classic shape makes the bag so versatile and can be worn with any  outfit!

style-angle ($106.99 ~ £69.52)

I occasionally sell and buy on eBay so although I'm not an expert, here are some tips I have for buyers!

eBay Buyer Tips

**For Buy-It-Now purchases, always sort by 'Price + P&P: lowest first'  - it'll guarantee you the lowest price overall if a seller lists the same product multiple times!

**For auctions, sort products by 'Time: ending soonest' to pick up the biggest bargains!

**Always check through what else a seller's selling - you might find the product you want cheaper under a different name and find other products that you'd like!

**Spend time using eBay if you can - there's usually a way to find a cheaper price if you look hard enough!

Kirstie at A Yellow Brick Blog also did a fantastic post on eBay buyer tips - be sure to check her post out!


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you do purchase any of the items above - I'd love to know how they turned out once they arrived!

Yinyin xxx

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Midsummer Art Fair // Landmark Arts Centre

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I went to the Landmark Arts Centre's Midsummer Art Fair and I thought I'd share some of my favourite works that I saw there! Unfortunately I don't have hundreds of pounds or a need for paintings in my house at the moment but if I did, I definitely think there was a huge selection of affordable art (sculpture, jewellery, fine art, illustration, prints, craft & photography) to choose from!

Photos weren't allowed inside the fair so I took some business cards so I could see their work online!

Business Cards from the Midsummer Art Fair from my Instagram

**Disclaimer: I do not own any of the works below. They are owned by the individual artists whom I have linked in each section. Please do visit their websites if you want to see more work!


Viola Wang - Spices

I absolutely love her style of illustration - sharp black lines with blended, blotchy bright watercolours to bring life to these very plain condiments! She's made these relatively boring everyday things come to life and become very sweet!

Viola Wang - Condiments
Viola Wang - Condiments
Another thing that made me love her work was that she included Oriental condiments in her work which made it so much more familiar to me! No one ever illustrates fish sauce as far as I know! My mother would be proud.


n a t a l i a d a v i s

I absolutely love the use of jagged lines and predominant primary colours in her work (red & blue)! I found her work extremely eye catching at the fair and I love the abstract nature of Natalia's work. The techniques executed also seem very interesting.


Anna Masters - Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones // Mixed Media Installation
Anna Masters makes breathtakingly beautiful installations, prints and paintings using butterflies and nature as her main subject matter. I absolutely loved her work when I saw it and her technique is so intricate and delicate.

Anna Masters - Not to End // Oil On Canvas
Anna Masters - Butterfly Effects III // Mixed Media

I saw these works (Not To End) and (Butterfly Effects III) at the Landmark Arts Centre and I absolutely loved them. I thought the mixed media work especially was very original and also very feminine! The fact its real butterflies is a tad bit creepy so maybe not for my room but I still absolutely love this piece.


Nozomi Inoue - Map of London // ETSY shop
Although I didn't get this lovely lady's card, I absolutely loved her work based on London's tourist attractions. She makes the sweetest maps on London's sights which I could definitely see in the Tate Modern Shop as well as lovely postcards with London themes.

Nozomi Inoue - London Icon Postcard Set //  ETSY shop

There were a lot of wonderful artists too but these were the ones that were the ones that I remembered and liked the work of the most. 


I also met a lovely emerging artist from UCA Rochester studying fashion atelier. She's created a lovely project called 'Coat of Dreams' (I think, can't fully remember) where you can attach your dreams to the coat on a paper tag. I absolutely loved the concept and some of the dreams attached were just hilarious - these involved 'I want to become God' and 'Cool' while some were heartfelt and sweet. My dream was 'I want a pink mini cooper, and be rich and successful' - not asking for too much am I? Unfortunately I've forgotten her name and can't find her but I wish her the best of luck in her future!


That evening, we made sushi at home and this is my strange little inside-out sushi roll - not too bad for my first attempt at this kind of roll after so long isn't it?

My strange little sushi roll from my Instagram

Hope you enjoyed the post - sorry it was so long!
Have you discovered any amazing artwork recently? Let me know in the comments if you have!

Yinyin xxx

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