Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sunshine and Cheer // Post-Exam Fun


So my cousin and her friend have been staying at my house over the half term period so while the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny, I decided to teach them some simple cheerleading moves to do a prep so she could have an experience of flying!

Then of course, I messed about and wanted to try flying these really tall (and HEAVY) boys...and I could only take them to a thigh stand - I'm such a weakling! BUT HEY, after all, I'm not a base, I'm a flyer!

Last week we were trying 2 1/2 pyramids at practice and did this thigh-level one man lib thing so I decided to try it with my brother. This however led to this hilarious photo being taken where it looks like I'm crushing him with my joyful face and expression! (Mind the awful scale I'm pulling, jeans are not very mobilising!)

Cheerleading is addictive to say the least. Can't really express how much I love it in words although sometimes it is absolutely terrifying! It may seem easy to stand in a prep (first picture) but imagine if you were standing on your friend's shoulders...that's real high. At least much higher than most people stand on an unstable surface!

Casual fun practice sessions during the exam season have also been fun!

Not going to lie, this was absolutely terrifying but the coolest thing EVER!

DISCLAIMER: Please don't try these stunts at home unless you have someone with experience to teach you, are on a soft surface and have enough spotters (incase anyone falls). Cheerleading is a dangerous sport and can cause injury - people can fall from a great height.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

OOTD // Plaits and Peace Signs

Hello there!


Cannot believe I've finished my second year of university...time seriously flies when you're having fun!

 Here's an outfit I wore the other day! 

Really love this shirt from Monki that I bought off ASOS a couple of weeks ago - it's a love heart and peace sign print = LOVE!

See this on Instagram!

Printed Shirt: Monki (via ASOS)
Mom Shorts: ASOS
Necklace: Hong Kong

Bare-faced-ness! So comfortable not wearing make-up!

I also did my hair is plaits out of boredom but somehow it works quite well with this outfit! Go you boredom! :D

Hope you're having a good week so far and good luck to all of you who have exams yet to finish!
Extra luck to all those taking A2s or university finals - you will do excellently!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

OOTD // Sunshine Florals

 Hello again!

So the weather has been absolutely beautiful recently!

Even though exams are looming, I've been lucky to be able to enjoy the sunshine during revision breaks!

Here's a little something I wore the other day to have bubble tea and sushi with my friend!
It definitely motivated me to work for the day! :D

 Coat - Zara
90s Floral Crop Top - Miss Selfridge
Mom Shorts - ASOS
Rucksack - Hong Kong market

 I'm absolutely in love with this top! The 90s cut feels very glamorous to wear and definitely a fun and elegant piece when paired with skinny jeans or shorts!

Also, here's a little something I've been spending my cheer Sundays doing!

I think this video would be quite fun to do a rewinding loop to - it would look so incredibly strange!

Hope you've having a lovely day! :D

Thursday, 15 May 2014

ASOS Boyfriend/Mom Shorts // Casual Look


I recently purchased a pair of "mom" shorts off ASOS after losing the ones I bought last summer (I seem to always lose clothes when I move to uni...) so I had a go styling them in a casual way!

 Cardigan - Topshop
Sleeveless Shirt - H&M
Necklace - Primark
Mom Shorts - ASOS

 The shorts are good quality and feel really comfortable on! There's also plenty of room to tuck things in and the pockets are a generous size (since it's an over-sized piece).

They are real to size - my hips are verging on a size 10 but I can pull them on (with a bit of wriggling)! The sad struggles of being different sizes on different sections of your body! :(

 Thanks for checking out my post - hope you enjoyed it!

If you've done any similar looks I'd love to check them out - could always do with more inspiration!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Eurovision Song Contest 2014


So it's Eurovision week again - SO EXCITED! After watching the semi-final last night - I'm definitely excited for Saturday's final - it's going to be amazing! Also props to Scott Mills - he's hilarious "Whitmore's just gone to get some tea" "30 minutes down the road to Copenhagen" - British humour at it's best.

Although I'm sad this time Eric Saade is not present to show his beautiful face - much sadness and longing.

Here's a hot photo of Eric and a guitar just to balance out the sadness of him not being in Copenhagen!

So here's a quick lo-down of the a few of the acts that I LOVED from last night's semi-final!

Pollapönk - No Prejudice

These guys were awesome - their song, outfits and funky guitars and drums made me so cheery and happy!

The tension when they were going to be the last finalists called out was TOO MUCH. It's so cute how they were so humble about it as well - good for them, they'd better do well on Saturday!

Also their short intro before their performance was at a waterfall that I've been to in Iceland - therefore they are awesome. That's all. :D

 Eurovision 2014 Semi-Final One Performance

András Kállay-Saunders - Running

Loved the emotion in this guy's voice - definitely a strong competitor in the final!
Quite a catchy song - I mean "running" is quite a catchy thing. (awful pun)

 Eurovision 2014 Semi-Final One Performance

Sergej Ćetković

Props to Montenegro for not making their act a bit of a joke this year - it was actually pretty great!

 Fortunately it paid off and they've finally made it to the final this time! Excited to see how they do in the finals along with San Marino - 3rd time lucky?

Also how is that dancer 'ice-skating' on the floor?! I want to know about this mysterious slippery shoe contraction she wears! How are the wheels so cleverly concealed?! Also I really don't think she was as bad as Scott Mills made her out to be - she's got some skills! It's better than some of Montenegro's other dancers in previous years!

Eurovision 2014 Semi-Final One Performance

Aram MP3

Props to his PR team - best presented image of the artist I've found high up on google images for this post!
Starting off as a slow song and then exploding into his husky rock-voice, full of emotion -this was great. I can see why this is a favourite - makes you feel a bit epic listening to it! It makes you want to go YEAH! Y'know..? 

This song coming in the top 10 should be quite easy - but as we've seen in previous years of Eurovision, it can always be a surprise!

Eurovision 2014 Semi-Final One Performance

...and finally.


United Kingdom
Molly Smitten-Downes

Since UK's entry gets sent straight to the finals (being one of the big 5) and Molly deservedly so - I thought I'd talk about my love for this year's entry in this post! 

This year's UK entry is amazing - I love it! Regardless of Eurovision, this song is a strong one in it's own right and I'm glad it has Eurovision to propel it to popularity! 

I hope this song does brilliantly at the final on Saturday - I'll be gutted if it doesn't but there are a lot of strong contenders this year. I do love how the UK's going for something a bit young, different and fresh this year! Since Blue's performance, it's been a bit downhill really in my opinion!

For those who haven't heard it yet...
Molly - Children of the Universe

Don't miss the Eurovision Final, Saturday 10th May 8pm on BBC One!
I'm ready to cry (from laughter) at Graham Norton's hilarious commentary!

What are your favourites from semi-final one? 
I'd love to find out what you think about the qualifying entries - the winner could be anyone!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

London Student Accommodation Search Tips

Hello fellow students!

Hope you’re doing well!

Although this is a tad irrelevant to non-London students, it’s the start of the house-hunting race in London for next year’s students and I thought after going through the process last year (and again this year) I’d share some of my top tips from personal experience!

I am by no means an expert but this year has definitely been eye-opening and I hope I can offer advice to you if this is your first time house-hunting in central London as a student or just wanted another insight! These tips are aimed at people looking to rent from the private sector.

Before you sign/start the hunt:

  • Groups of 4 or less if you want to live in Zone 1 comfortably and affordably – having more means the landlord has to have a special licence (hassle) and it’s unlikely you’re going to find a property with 5+ equally sized bedrooms in Zone 1.
  •  Check out the estate agent’s reviews – DO NOT be completely scared off by a couple bad reviews but definitely check these out for a rough reference, you have to deal with these people for one year so if you see terrible reviews, step with caution!
  •  Be willing to compromise – space vs. location is always a huge battle, make sure you discuss this with your potential flatmates; agree and stick with it or you’ll have trouble agreeing.
  • Research safety and crime occurrence in areas online– there is a reason why some areas are cheap. 
  •  Ask people in the year above if any are going to leave their accommodation – they can often be more reliable as they can honestly tell you about the property’s management and pros and cons.

When you view the potential property:

  • Is there security? Locked gate, flat buzzer/lock, functional locks in property, etc.
  • Is there a social space? If there is no living room, the person in the biggest room needs to be willing to share space on special occasions OR a sit-in kitchen space
  • Check storage space: be realistic – 2 kitchen cupboards won’t be enough for a 4-person household
  • Keep an eye out for old appliances, mouldy bathrooms, broken glass, faulty lights, etc. – make sure you agree to have things resolved before move-in if needed
  • Be sure to keep note of room sizes if unequal: you may need to negotiate this with your flatmates
  • Natural light: if you prioritise this, make sure to keep note of it
  • Bills: ask how much it is to heat and power the house, no point in going for a huge house if it will cost you a fortune to heat when snow comes in!
  • Check where the nearest supermarket, bus stop, station, launderette and post office are – you’ll be thankful if you are aware before you spend a whole year there.
  • Confirm what furniture will be provided
  • Try and look past dirty flats – when professionally cleaned and personally decorated, they can be dramatically different.

Hopefully this hasn’t been too intense but this will help your hunt for accommodation this summer!

Here are a few photos of my room and university room this year for general inspiration!


Hope this helps all the house-hunting students in London out there - I'd love to hear about your tips if you have any, after all I've only done it once!

Friday, 2 May 2014

5 Awful Fashion Trends We All Loved Growing Up


Inspired by Kirstie's great post from A Yellow Brick Blog, I thought I'd share some of those awful fashion trends that us 2000s teenage girls wore growing up! Since I'm turning 20 this year, I thought I could reflect with all of you what our teenage fashion years were all about!

What was odd was that as I thought about the trends of the past, so many of them are actually fashionable today like leggings and tying things around your waist! I would have never done that and thought it was cool 5 years ago!

...and in no particular order, here's my 5 special mentions!

Tutus as casual-wear

Don't know about you but neon accessories and tutus (usually from Camden) were all the rage when I was 12/13! Paired with leggings and uggs (ughs!)...

Haaaawt! (maybe not so...)

Studded Belts

The Avril Lavigne inspired rock-chick look - let's not go back...
 Saying that, looking into the future of Avril Lavigne's fashion choices doesn't seem so great either judging from her latest music video...

I was horrified to say the least! 
Also, I don't agree with people calling it racist - it seems more racist in itself to say this video is just because it's of a different culture with a different type of fashion and a language which isn't English. Avril Lavigne is expressing her love for the Japanese 'cute' culture and fashion as she states in her tweets - what's so negative about that?

Some people probably still like wearing Uggs (and I think black uggs look nice) BUT come on now, they're not the most fashionable (and attractive) shoe are they?!

Admittedly when I was 14 I had a pair of Emus but now I look back - they are so incredibly uncomfortable to wear and so bad for your feet! There's no support whatsoever!

There are however shoes worse than this...

what grumpy cat says

Paul's Boutique Handbags

Sorry PB but tweens using these bags has tarnished your reputation a little! I can't speak for their recent designs (which I'm sure are lovely) but these were all the rage when I was 14/15! You either already had one or you were wishing for one (hard)! 

Maybe this bag's not so cool if you want to be taken seriously now!

Rara Skirts

RARA! These flirty layered skirts were so awesome then, maybe not so awesome now!
To be fair, I have picked quite an ugly one for the picture but they are a little ridiculous now I look back - it looks like something a little girl would wear! I used to have a lovely ultramarine floral one from Sharei Lamar in Covent Garden (which sadly I can't find anything about anymore!).

 This said, I bet this will be in fashion again in around a decade - fashion recycles it seems.
I think Grumpy Cat sums up my current feelings on these fashions though!

awkward negative stare

Hope you enjoyed my post today - I really enjoyed writing it! Made me think back to the days when we didn't have exams that counted for anything and finding a job wasn't the stark reality of tomorrow.


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you can think of any other trends that belong in this list - I've definitely missed a lot!
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