Friday, 2 May 2014

5 Awful Fashion Trends We All Loved Growing Up


Inspired by Kirstie's great post from A Yellow Brick Blog, I thought I'd share some of those awful fashion trends that us 2000s teenage girls wore growing up! Since I'm turning 20 this year, I thought I could reflect with all of you what our teenage fashion years were all about!

What was odd was that as I thought about the trends of the past, so many of them are actually fashionable today like leggings and tying things around your waist! I would have never done that and thought it was cool 5 years ago!

...and in no particular order, here's my 5 special mentions!

Tutus as casual-wear

Don't know about you but neon accessories and tutus (usually from Camden) were all the rage when I was 12/13! Paired with leggings and uggs (ughs!)...

Haaaawt! (maybe not so...)

Studded Belts

The Avril Lavigne inspired rock-chick look - let's not go back...
 Saying that, looking into the future of Avril Lavigne's fashion choices doesn't seem so great either judging from her latest music video...

I was horrified to say the least! 
Also, I don't agree with people calling it racist - it seems more racist in itself to say this video is just because it's of a different culture with a different type of fashion and a language which isn't English. Avril Lavigne is expressing her love for the Japanese 'cute' culture and fashion as she states in her tweets - what's so negative about that?

Some people probably still like wearing Uggs (and I think black uggs look nice) BUT come on now, they're not the most fashionable (and attractive) shoe are they?!

Admittedly when I was 14 I had a pair of Emus but now I look back - they are so incredibly uncomfortable to wear and so bad for your feet! There's no support whatsoever!

There are however shoes worse than this...

what grumpy cat says

Paul's Boutique Handbags

Sorry PB but tweens using these bags has tarnished your reputation a little! I can't speak for their recent designs (which I'm sure are lovely) but these were all the rage when I was 14/15! You either already had one or you were wishing for one (hard)! 

Maybe this bag's not so cool if you want to be taken seriously now!

Rara Skirts

RARA! These flirty layered skirts were so awesome then, maybe not so awesome now!
To be fair, I have picked quite an ugly one for the picture but they are a little ridiculous now I look back - it looks like something a little girl would wear! I used to have a lovely ultramarine floral one from Sharei Lamar in Covent Garden (which sadly I can't find anything about anymore!).

 This said, I bet this will be in fashion again in around a decade - fashion recycles it seems.
I think Grumpy Cat sums up my current feelings on these fashions though!

awkward negative stare

Hope you enjoyed my post today - I really enjoyed writing it! Made me think back to the days when we didn't have exams that counted for anything and finding a job wasn't the stark reality of tomorrow.


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you can think of any other trends that belong in this list - I've definitely missed a lot!


  1. I really can't believe I used to just live in leggings and uggs when I was makes me cringe so bad when I see photos of myself back then!

    1. Haha I feel you Charlotte - maybe we'll learn to appreciate it as.. 'vintage' when we're a little older haha! Bet all these fashions will be coming back before we know it! D:


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