Sunday, 22 June 2014

Barcelona // Part One

Hello everybody!

So after my exams finished I relaxed (and became a lazy slug) and then jetted off to Barcelona for a few days! It was a wonderful trip and the weather was awesome - so hot and sunny!

Over the next three posts I will share my short but jam-packed trip there and hopefully you can get a taste of Barcelona from them!
First Stop: Sagrada Familia!

After seeing so many photos of this iconic neo-gothic cathedral designed by Gaudi, I was desperate to go and visit - and believe me, I was not let down! This cathedral is incredible - the intricate detail and almost alien design made it truly unique and beautiful. 

Gaudi designed this cathedral in the late 19th Century which is unbelievable as I could see this cathedral being in a sci-fi movie depicting the future!
Stained glass windows giving off a rainbow glow in the cathedral - so pretty!
I was absolutely in love with the stained glass windows and the rainbow lights they cast onto the white building interior - so beautiful!

Second Stop:  Barcelona Cathedral & Picasso Museum

After getting lost around the Sagrada Familia area for an hour while eating a pack of parma ham from a supermarket, we finally found a metro stop and went to the Barcelona Cathedral on the way to the Picasso Museum.

Although we didn't go inside it, the exterior was beautiful and it was big.

Then we moved on (while passing several art installations and pretty buildings) to the Picasso Museum - which was free for students which was awesome?!

 Random art installations we came across in the city!

Pretty streets and buildings - very European!

 After a long, tiring and exciting day of exploring/getting incredibly lost in Barcelona, we ended it with classic Spanish tapas and sangria - delicious!

You can't fault an icy cold glass of sangria and seafood after a long day of sightseeing!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Have you been to Barcelona before?

Until next time!


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  1. awesome pics! I love Barcelona!


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